8th Seoul International Film Festival,

6-16 September 2007


Official Selection in SeNef 2007, Net Section,

of the video Sick Mind (Lucius Kuert, 2007)


Sick Mind (o.t.)
Artist / Director: Lucius Kuert. Switzerland, 2007, 8 min. 54 sec. Color. DVD.
Production Credits: Screenwriter: Francesca Martire. Cinematographer : Lucius Kuert. Editor : Lucius Kuert. Sound / Music : Lucius Kuert. Producer: dust&scratches, Via alla Perfetta, 6864 Arzo, Switzerland. Screenings: “Vertical” in Caldes de Montbui, Catalonia, Spain.

Sick Mind is an experimental video art project investigating the theme of mental illness through the use of psychedelic color, keying and repetitive rhythmic sounds. Each part of the mini-series focuses on a different aspect of the main theme: obsession, delusion, compulsion and dissociation.

Seoul Film Festival (SeNef 2007) is a competitive international moving image festival with out of competitive Sections and the most advanced film festival with internet, mobile, WIBRO as well as theater.

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